In our brand new NWOBHM-themed issue we caught up with luminaries like Raven, Tokyo Blade, Vardis, and of course, our cover stars Saxon, but another band that had a tremendous impact during the NWOBHM years was London’s Girlschool, a band with tight ties to Motorhead, and a fine hard-rocking act with killer albums under their belt like 1981’s ‘Hit And Run’ and 1982’s ‘Screaming Blue Murder’. We had a quick chat with vocalist/guitarist Kim McAuliffe to dig up some memories from back in the day.

1: Girlschool are one of the original bands of the NWOBHM age, and you’re still rocking up stages to this day. But what made you want to form a band?

Music was always being played when I was growing up. Mum and Dad loved The Beatles and The Stones so the radio was always on! Also my cousin, who’s a couple of years older than me, lived next door and he was the first to get a guitar which of course I managed to get hold of when he got a better one! Enid who lived in the same street was also into music and when we realised no boys wanted us in their bands we decided to form our own.”

2: Who were your influences in those days?

“Growing up in the seventies it was all the glam rock stuff – T Rex – The Sweet – Slade etc. then through my cousin I discovered heavier stuff – Black Sabbath – Led Zeppelin etc. (still my favourites) and never looked back!”

3: How did you feel when you started getting lumped into the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal?

“The funny thing is I don’t t think we were really aware of the NWOBHM thing at the time – we were just a rock band getting on with doing what we were doing! It was only later on when I think it was a journalist  put all the bands together that we first heard of it – we just thought OK fine by us!”

4: What are your memories of playing in a rock band in the early 80s?

“It was a great time to be in a band – we feel so grateful that we were around at that time! We used to go to the Music Machine in Camden, where there was always bands hanging out and partying. Everyone from Samson to Motorhead to even Bon Scott one night! It was brilliant.”

5: You guys were trailblazers as far as being an all-female metal band is concerned. How do you feel about the influence you’ve had as musicians?

“It was so unusual back then, we didn’t really think about it. The funny thing is that after our success we we’re expecting loads of female bands to appear but it just didn’t happen! It’s only really been in the last decade or so that female rockers have really come to light! Crucified Barbara were amazing and now you have the great Burning Witches.”

6: You released your critically acclaimed 14th album last year, the excellent ‘WTFortyfive’. How do you feel about how well received it was by the fans?

“We’re over the moon with the success of ‘WTF!’ After 45 years it was so lovely to know that people are still supporting us and we are so grateful to them and love ’em to bits!”

7: So what’s next for Girlschool?

“Well…Who knows? We hope to keep going as long as people want us and as long as it’s fun and still an adventure, so why not?! We’re still game!”

‘WTFortyfive’ is out now on Silver Lining Music.

Pic by Adam Kennedy.

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