Innovators in the black metal genre, loved by some, loathed by most, the notorious Norwegian duo that is Darkthrone have announced a new album in the shape of ‘It Beckons Us All’, the follow up to 2022’s killer ‘Astral Fortress’, and their 22nd album overall. Now, it’s been a long time since Darkthrone were strictly a black metal band, as we all know, but their bastardized NWOBHM-inspired black/speed metal sound they’ve been exploring following the release of albums such as 2010’s ‘Circle The Wagons’ and ‘Eternal Hails’ really sounds like no one else, and after all, they’re still a fun band to kick back and have a beer or two with. It seems like ‘It Beckons Us All’ will not change that.

Set for release on Peaceville on 26th April 2024, the new music is an intense observation of the world around them – exciting and challenging the listener in equal measure, in the way only they can. Some of the riffs howl across a gallery of ice and snow while others crackle like a volcano awakening from its timeless slumber. As Darkthrone have shown us so many times in the past, their music is as visual as it gets – evoking tangible imagery through the medium of sound. Whether the ideas are sombre, reflective or incensed, they exist as emotional concepts you can see and feel as much as you hear. “I am having difficulties putting into words my personal feelings around the existential title It Beckons Us All, I can only hope others out there can feel the darkness that encompasses it,” muses Fenriz.

Never afraid to venture beyond the confines of the extreme metal template they were paramount in creating, there are moments on It Beckons Us All that will dazzle and surprise, as well as satisfy fans of old. Nocturno comments: “We recorded in the manner we always do, live, meaning drums and guitar, with another guitar added later. We found a new twist during this process that surely benefited this album. Fenriz did stellar clean vocals on several songs, and his way of thinking creatively made it so good. We also shared the bass work this time around. We added a lot of extra layers like solo guitars… it was just a cauldron of ideas. Instead of finding a plug-in or choir synth patch, we both recorded four vocal tracks each. Darkthrone is an ever-evolving band, as many should know by now, and this album is touching a bit into the heavy genre. I have no idea what genre we are, and have really not cared much about it, but I know for sure it’s metal.

‘It Beckons Us All’ will be released April 26th via Peaceville. Album art by Zbigniew Bielak.

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