California’s premier stoner/doom crew High On Fire have a hot new video for us in the shape of ‘Burning Down’, which is taken from their upcoming ninth album ‘Cometh The Storm’, released April 19th via MNRK Heavy. This is the first new record from the GRAMMY winning rockers since 2018’s ‘Electric Messiah’, and it promises more of their iconic sludge and heft in the riff department.

The ‘Burning Down’ video was captured live and on location at GodCityby Jason Zucco during the recording of ‘Cometh The Storm’. Portions of the video footage feature direct takes of the album’s recording sessions, including the fervent vocals of Matt Pike. 

“’Burning Down’ kicks off with a classic Pike riff,” says Jeff Matz. “I think this song harkens back to the early High On Fire sound, but infused with fresh, new elements. It has a killer groove that you can really sink into. The body of the song took shape in our PNW rehearsal space, and we came up with the bridge/solo section and finalized the arrangement while we were at GodCity. Kurt Ballou’s input as a producer was also hugely helpful. His keen ears and fresh perspective were invaluable in making this album.

It has been more than five years since the band’s revered Electric Messiah earned High On Fire ‘Best Metal Performance’ at the 2018 GRAMMY Awards, placing the unit among the ranks of groups such as Black Sabbath, Motörhead, and Metallica as winners of the prestigious award. “Being nominated for a Grammy was pretty mind blowing, but winning one was truly surreal,” says bassist Jeff Matz. “A Grammy win was certainly not something we were aiming for, but it’s quite an honor to be recognized in that way, and we are grateful. In terms of how it’s affected us, it has definitely opened some new doors—we’ve gained some new fans and wider recognition, but it hasn’t changed how we approach our craft. We’ve always tried to create uncompromising music that feels good to us, and is in line with what we would want to listen to.

Universally recognized as one of the most potent acts in music today, High oO Fire creates dynamic metal that merges primal fury and aggression, hesher bombast and hall of fame heaviness. Described as “a supersonic exercise in conquest by volume,” High On Fire has rewritten the hard rock rule book since their formation in 1998, forging a style and sound that is both critically celebrated and unique. The group features vocalist and cult guitar hero Matt Pike (also a founding member of the famed underground band SLEEP) singular bassist Jeff Matz, and powerhouse drummer Coady Willis. 

‘Cometh The Storm’ will be released on April 19th via MNRK Heavy.

Photo by James Rexroad

Watch the video here:

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