Swiss metal legend Tom G. Warrior is back with a triumph, and the first taste of his new outfit Triumph Of Death is here at last. Set to release his new live album, recorded in April 2023 at Hell’s Heroes Festival in Houston, Texas, ‘Resurrection Of The Flesh’ is a celebration of all things Hellhammer, his first band before he made metal history with the genre-defining Celtic Frost. To celebrate, he’s unleashed his first video, a recitation of the Hellhammer classic ‘Massacra’ , edited by our esteemed editor James Sharples.

Going back to his roots, Triumph Of Death pays tribute to the early works of Hellhammer, once the most notorious band in Switzerland, and now an underground obsession for black and death metallers alike. This sixty-minute document of evil will be released on Noise/BMG on November 10th 2023, and will come in the following formats:

*Deluxe CD Mediabook

*Double Gatefold LP with Booklet and Posters On Black Vinyl and Black & White Swirl (HMV Exclusive)

*Super Deluxe LP Bookpack with Bonus 7″ Red Vinyl Single plus Posters

Read our massive feature on Triumph Or Death in Issue 13, on sale November 6th!

This record captures the band at their primeval best, so get your bullet belts on and bow down to the mighty power of the riff. Ugh!

Pre-order it here:

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